Racing to the 3D side, Ridge Racer brings its tilt sliding racing style to the new portable handheld.

It should be too surprising that the main draw to 'Ridge Racer 3D' is the number / letter combination at the end of its name. This is basically your typical 'Ridge Racer' racing experience shrouded up in the fantastical world of 3D. Additionally, you get the joys of playing the game on the 'Nintendo 3DS,' which is a little more form fitting and comfortable than the previous handhelds. So if you spent the cash to acquire this new gaming device, you will need a game, and 'Ridge Racer 3D' is a safe bet.

Before we move on, lets get right into it, the 3D visuals. Surprisingly, 'Ridge Racer 3D' pulls everything together and actually works; our skepticism is checked. The little car models, the 3D screen, and they way you play the game is actually enhanced with the 3D. Sure, you don't need it, but once you push the 3D slider up, you will likely want to keep it up because of the extra level of immersion. Little 3D cyou thatars are just so cute and the magic is working. Some blur is exposed, but makes the game unplayable. All-in-all, the 3D element gets a big check mark of approval. Great job!

Since its inception, 'Ridge Racer' is one of those reliable racers that really never progresses much past its original formula. In return you get exactly what you're expecting and this new edition does stray too far from this philosophy. The new additions (aside from the 3D) come in the form of a few new cars and perks that can be asserted before each race. A point system is affixed to govern your perks with a purchasing system. Extra nitro, a quick boost from some rockets, all good investments if you are not sure you can make that podium without that extra push. Understandable, more options would have been welcomed, but its pleasant to see, 'Ridge Racer' trying something new, even if a simple flash entry.

On the track, 'Ridge Racer' is simply fun. The arcade styled racing is a nice abandonment from more "serious" racers. The main negative would be that it the races start to feel repetitive. To be expected? This sets 'Ridge Racer' in the “play in short-burst” category. Still, simple and repetitive as it seems, 'Ridge Racer' is a little tougher to master, the drifting and cornering can be a little tricky. Thankfully helping you along are the rock solid controls that play out even better on the new handheld. Man, 3DS you sure got a purdy nub.

Breaking down the modes, 'Ridge Racer 3D' is on cruise control for the most part. However, one stop that becomes the main draw is the 'Grand Prix' mode. Here you have the opportunity to earn a few rewards in the way of new vehicles and tracks. There is a fair amount of content in this mode that gives you bang for buck with hours of races. Starting off easy and restricted, the 'GrandPrix' mode will start you on a slow roll of progression that can be rather addictive.

Slightly disappointing, Namco Bandai didn't embrace multiplayer, playing it safe with support for local play only. While not everyone wants to head online for some friendly competition, those who do will be disappointed. Also you should note that the 3DS is fairly new, so finding locals to play with might be a bit problematic. On the plus side, the unique “Street Pass” function is activated, so you can share content wireless. Hmm, maybe you'll find someone to play with after all.

Like I already stated in the opening paragraph 'Ridge Racer 3D' is a safe bet for gamers looking for a solid title for their 3DS. The reason to put 'Ridge Racer 3D' into the “win” category is the implementation of the 3D. The 3D works and better, it enriching the gameplay. Yes this gameplay is stuck in the past and can be repetitive in long sittings, it is still a fun “brains-off” type of racer. Gamers on the go, tech-junkies who want to show off their handheld purchase, check out 'Ridge Racer 3D.'

  • Classic Ridge Racer gameplay remains intact
  • 3D works surprisingly well
  • New perk system is a step in the right direction
  • While solid, the game can get repetitive
  • Not too much variation in the cars/tracks
  • No online multiplayer, so I guess you'll have to search out other 3DS owners
Quote: "Gamers on the go, tech-junkies who want to show off their handheld purchase, check out 'Ridge Racer 3D.'"
Reviewed by Downtown Jimmy | 05.16.11

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Ridge Racer 3D
Namco Bandai
Namco Bandai
Released (US)
March '11



Local Play 2-4
Street Pass