DualPenSports is a sports themed game designed around the use of two styluses instead of one. Players can choose between seven sports mini-games or three tap exercise tests. It's an interesting gimmick, but rarely lives up to its promises.

The first, most glaring issue is a technical one. The 3DS touch screen is not a multi-touch capable display. For that reason, the only advantage of two styluses is that you can theoretically tap at opposite ends of the screen faster than you could shift one hand back and forth. DualPenSports is rarely designed to utilize dual styluses in this manner, instead there is little to no difference in game play or performance when using one stylus instead of two. The three tap exercise tests do force you to use two styluses if you want to perform your best, but these are tiny 60 second mini-games that can't hope to prop up a full fledged retail game.

The next issue is a practical one. Using two styluses means you need to place the 3DS on a table or other flat surface, making it impractical to play on the go. Since most of the game can be played with one stylus just as well as two, this practical limitation doesn't mean much, but then neither does the dual stylus gimmick itself.

Each sport is split into two mini-game modes. In the first game mode, you attempt to outperform a CPU opponent, which is usually just a matter of achieving a certain score. In the second game mode you attempt to get a high score with more complex game rules and point objectives. In baseball you attempt to score home runs or hit the ball into a certain part of the field. In boxing you can face off against an opponent or try to hit certain areas of a punching bag. In soccer you try to score a goal or hit the ball into a certain part of the net. In archery you fire at stationary or moving targets. In basketball you make shots or try to make certain trajectories. In skiing you either pass through gates or try to smash through snowmen. In paragliding you attempt to steer into objectives and bullseyes while dodging floating mines.

Each sport tries to provide a reason to use two styluses and for the most part falls flat. Furthermore the games themselves just don't have that fun factor you'd expect from a video game; they feel more like sluggish aptitude tests. Some of the actions, like drawing the bowstring in archery, are pointless and feel like an excuse to shoehorn in dual stylus use. Ironically the arcade-style tap exercise tests feel more entertaining, skill based, and fast paced than the actual sports modes.

The graphics are nothing to write home about. It's mostly the same Mii-too graphical style that Wii Sports made so popular. At least the interface is uncluttered and easy to navigate. The sound and music are also acceptable, with some largely forgettable sports themed tunes.

DualPenSports is a misguided attempt at starting a 3DS franchise based on a technically and practically ineffective gimmick. Even when played with a single stylus, the sports themed games tend to be uninspired and lacking in longevity and fun factor.

  • Decent touch based sports mini-games
  • Tap exercise tests are entertaining
  • Good basic tests of reflexes, coordination, and timing
  • Presentation and menu navigation is well done
  • Can't use two styluses on the go
  • Dual stylus isn't required for most modes and seems forced
  • Low amount of content for a 'full fledged' game
  • Often feels more like a test than a fun gaming experience
Quote: "DualPenSports is a misguided attempt at starting a 3DS franchise based on a technically and practically ineffective gimmick.'"
Reviewed by Matthew Emirzian | 08.05.11


Namco Bandai
Indies Zero
Released (US)
July '11



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